Blackjack is a popular card game played amongst all the casinos around the world. It is such a thrilling experience to play the marvellous card game. It is simple but entertaining. It is also known as 21. The Accountant actor, Ben Affleck is believed to have won millions of dollars in the game. Actually, you can win the game by following a simple strategy of card counting, but for that, you will have to first know what the game I all about.

Blackjack is also a very famous card game amongst players because it has fewer odds for the house to win. It means the probability of getting a win against the dealer in this game is high. The game has been in demand since World War I because of its sheer simplicity.

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The game first took off in France in the 1760s, where it was called Vingt-et-Un which translates to 21 in English. Today, the game has earned a fair reputation and can be found in any casino around the world. It is also famous for being an entertaining and light home game.

In the casinos, the game comes with slightly different rules such as the house is the dealer which is known as a bank. The dealer is casinos never sit while the game commences while players get the privilege to remain seated.

The dealer presides all the actions in the game from shuffling the deck for the next round to dealing and helping the players in placing the bets. In a home game, whoever wins gets the chance to become the bank and the dealer.

The Pack

The deck of cards contains 52 cards of four suites. In casinos, depending on the number of players and propensity of the games, six decks may be shuffled together making the number of cards in a deck to 312.  The dealer also has a black card which is never dealt with. Its function is to be placed at the end of the deck to know when it has to be shuffled again.

To make things easier, casinos have introduced the use of ‘Shoe’. It is a box-like structure that holds cards. Dealers draw each card at a time with its face down. The dealer doesn’t hold the pack at all times ruling out any mischief and ensuring fair play.

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Why play Blackjack?

Each player on the table has to beat the dealer to get 21 as a sum of the cards they are holding. The sum can be close to 21 if not the exact number, but it cannot go over it.

How much value is ascribed to the cards?

Each player has to vote before the game whether an ace would be valued at 11 or 1. Face cards are valued at 10 and others at their numerical value.

What is Blackjack?

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